Working from Home


I have taken on new challenges by working on projects for film and radio that have enhanced my writing skills.


A script for a one minute film. Director Ryan Sykes & Produced by Mathilde DBDF.

Eddie has a deadline, every second counts, and bagpipe music can be very aggravating.


Tin Wall


A 10 minute short Romantic Comedy with a twist. Directed By Chris Fletcher and Produced by Sunrise Ishimwe. Poster designed by Asia Gamzatova.

The seed for this story was planted during a hostage taking incident in Derry in the 1970s.  I worked on this project with Chris and Sunrise over several months. 

Jenny a Francophile ambitious young professional takes charge during a robbery with unexpected results.


A Comedy Drama

"You Only Live Once"

Maureen enjoys the simple pleasures in life especially a coffee and a gossip with Patsie at his Garage, Shop and Cafe on the bypass. Her life is turned upside down by the return of her old school pal Vonnie. When a major storm hits, the two rivals are trapped and confront the events of the past with life-changing results. 

Recorded live in The Projects Arts Theatre on Saturday, Nov 23rd 2019,  the shows were co-produced and edited by Eoin Sweeney; production manager was Pamela Lee; audio supervision by Tom Norton and Peter Carney and the series producer was Billy McGrath for Sideline Productions. Comedy Showhouse was funded by The Broadcast Authority of Ireland. 


Maureen: Rose Seymour

Vonnie: Sharon Mannion

Patsie: Paul Tylak



You Only Live Once

YOLO has memorable characters, a well-paced plot and a compelling storyline. Broadcast on  RTE Radio 1 on 29.12.20.

Also available on RTE Radio 1 Extra :

Modern Architecture


I was born in Ireland and grew up in Donegal. Keen to explore the world and seek new experiences, I have lived and worked in Ireland, Scotland, England, Europe and Canada. Currently, I live in Edinburgh. 

I completed a Master of Arts programme in screenwriting in 2019, at  Screen Academy Scotland.  

I draw on a lifetime of experience to create dramatic and humorous scripts for film, television and radio.

My poetry has been  published in The Stinging Fly (Galway Special Issue) 2020, Honest Ulsterman, Tickleace, and Psychopoetica, 

Old Book



I have had a successful career within education taking on different roles as a teacher, lecturer, psychologist, project manager and educational administrator.

I taught a range of courses in film and television to secondary pupils.  I have developed and delivered  writing workshops and storytelling circles and produced professional and research reports.

Sample Conference Presentations 

  • Storytelling in schools. Arts In Education Conference, Derby, UK (2013).

  • Bricolage: An Approach to Life Writing. International Creative Writing Conference, Bangor, UK (2007)

  • Writing Well: Using writing techniques for improved mental health and wellness. Canadian Mental Health Association, National Conference (2000).

  • Strangers in a Strange Land, How immigrant children adapt to life in Canada. Canadian Council for Exceptional Children, National Institute, Newfoundland (1999)

  • There was Music There In the Derry Air, A Derry Song Book, Guildhall Press, Derry (1989). 

  • Reviewer for Facts and Fiction a storytelling journal.


Edinburgh, UK