30 Minute Comedy Drama.
Performed and recorded live during Comedy Showhouse at The Project Arts Theatre Dublin on Saturday, Nov 23rd 2019.
Actors: Sharon Mansion, Rose Seymour & Paul Tylak. 
Produced by Sideline Productions & RTE Radio 1, with the generous support of the Broadcast Authority of Ireland.

Movie Poster


You Only Live Once

Vonnie lands back in a small  Irish town and disrupts Maureen's staid life during Storm Declan. While trapped inside a coffee shop on the bypass they recall old memories and past feuds, as Patsy, the overactive and excitable manager keeps them fed and watered. 



A 10 minute short Romantic Comedy with a twist. Directed By Chris Fletcher and Produced by Sunrise Ishimwe. Poster designed by Asia Gamzatova.

The seed for this story was planted during a hostage taking incident in Derry in the 1970s.  I worked on this project with Chris and Sunrise over several months. 

Jenny a Francophile ambitious young professional takes charge during a robbery with unexpected results.



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